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Black Lines on Black Birch, 2014, BY JASON MIDDLEBROOK


Black Lines on Black Birch, 2014, BY JASON MIDDLEBROOK

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Contemporary Ceramic : Japanese Women

Tomita Mikiko

Although Japanese women were involved in the Japanese pottery industry for centuries, mainly as decorative artists with their tea wares or performing menial tasks, they were excluded from being in direct contact with the kilns or taking on apprenticeships.  Postwar Japan saw more opportunities arise for women in advanced education and they began to enter university art schools and other training facilities both in Japan and overseas. They were exposed to a broader range of creative disciplines and artistic movements and successfully integrated this into their ceramic art and sculptures, while maintaining  a connection to the subtle Japanese aesthetic.

From the mid-50′s on they began to establish themselves as independent studio pottery artists. The current generation of female Japanese ceramicists have truly emerged with original and innovative works that seamlessly blend contemporary with traditional styles and techniques and open up new horizons in Japanese art.


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“Ernst Haeckel”, c. 1906


Ernst Haeckel”, c. 1906


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The Aspen Art Museum will honor contemporary artist Ernesto Neto with its 2014 Aspen Award for Art

The award will be presented during the museum’s annual ArtCrush summer benefit gala on August 1, 2014, the eve of the ribbon-cutting for AAM’s new building.

Neto’s Aspen Award for Art presentation comes during the exhibition of his two new site-specific installation works (June 6–September 2, 2014), and it will be the final museum-wide presentation in AAM’s current facility.

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cambridge university students were asked on campus why they needed feminism. here are 60 answers. click the link for over 600 more.

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Studio Fludd 4EVA, y’all:  B2. Materia Prima MICA from the METAMORFICA necklace collection. $44 plus shipping here. Marl is also preeeeeetty nice.